Real Wine

4.3 ( 7933 ratings )
Underhållning Mat och dryck
1.99 USD

This really fun app puts a classy, lifelike representation of wine on your iPhone/iPodTouch. An impromptu party is always at your disposal; just pop, clink, and drink! Instantly bring excitement to any gathering. Impress your friends, people at your favorite restaurant or bar, and especially everyone at a winery event or tasting. Great for getting comps and other VIP treatment.

Maybe you dont drink and you are tired of being left out of toasts, or having to toast with water. Real Wine is the perfect answer for you. Also great for designated drivers.

Perfect for:
• Christmas
• All parties and social gatherings
• Birthdays
• Anniversaries
• Graduation
• Baby Showers
• Picnics
• A job well done
• Or just because you deserve it

Features include:
• six different wines
• cork popping sound
• side pour or straight pour
• lifelike liquid motion
• swirl the wine to let it breathe
• clink glasses together
• you can "drink" the wine